All-Seasons Supporters

All-Seasons Supporters are those that make sizable contributions to support our overall operations and the expansion of the Learn & Grow Educational Series. This includes the costs of curriculum development, research, publishing, presenting/speaking, administrative support, office supplies & materials, telecommunications, travel, personnel, and other costs of doing business. As a non-profit organization, we rely on donation support to carry out our charitable mission to protect and fulfill each child’s right to knowledge and the opportunity to learn and develop appropriately.

Our All-Seasons Supporters are organized in tiers, as follows:

    • Winter Supporters make a one-time donation between $1000 and $2499


    • Spring Supporters make a one-time donation between $2500 and $4999


    • Summer SupportersĀ make a one-time donation between $5000 and $7499


    • Autumn Supporters make a one-time donation of $7500+



    Regardless of how much you are able to give, all donations are appreciated and tax deductible.

  • To make a donation in the amount of your choosing, please click on the Donation button below:

    All-Season Supporters may choose to be recognized for their contributions by appearing on a special web page on our site and/or having their contributions acknowledged on a waterproof sticker applied to the Learn & Grow containers that are built by all participants at all present and future Learn & Grow events for a period of several months, depending on their level of giving.

    Autumn supporters’ stickers appear on containers built for 36 months following the dates of their respective donations, Summer for 24 months, Spring for 12 months, and Winter for 6 months.

    To indicate a preference for acknowledgement, please indicate on the PayPal donation page where prompted to provide special instructions whether you wish to keep your donation anonymous, wish it published on our site, and/or wish to be acknowledged on all event participants’ containers.