Guest Submissions

If you would like to submit a K-12 lesson plan for possible publication under a Creative Commons license on this site to share with your fellow educators, please submit it below. If it is published, you will be given credit as the author of the lesson plan, which you can cite in your CV and link to from your social media and professional websites.

Your lesson plan must include specific instructional goals, step-by-step instructions, guidance to the teacher for topics of discussion, and the method and criteria by which student performance will be measured. It must also be tied to the Common Core and/or appropriate state standards for science and/or social studies, depending on the nature of the lesson plan.

You can either copy and paste the text of your lesson plan into the box below, or you can attach it as a separate PDF file. If you have any images or other illustrative files to include, you can attach those, as well. If attaching multiple files for upload, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard while clicking on the files you want to upload, then hit “open” or “ok” to attach them all at once. Once you have provided all the material you intend to include, hit the submit button. We will respond to you within 45 calendar days to advise if your material will be published or not.

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