Learn & Grow Bucket Exchange


A self-watering container made from recycled buckets

If you are a restaurant, deli, bakery, cafeteria, food truck, etc., with used, food-safe buckets that you need to get rid of but don’t want to put into a landfill, list your available buckets here for local gardeners to use to make their own self-watering gardening containers.

If you are looking for free/inexpensive used buckets in your local area to use for your own self-watering container gardening projects, look here for possible sources and/or sign up and list your need for buckets so local restaurants can find you.

The whole point of this exchange is for self-watering container gardeners to help local food service businesses keep plastics out of landfills by reusing food-safe plastic buckets from commercial food suppliers in self-watering container gardens instead of throwing them into the trash. This is a wonderful way for communities to partner around plastic recycling, water conservation, and food security!