As parents, we all try to teach our kids what they need to know so they can function as successfully and independently as possible in adulthood and have fulfilling lives. Finding the information we need to guide our children in this ever-changing world is challenging, to say the least.

We assembled the information and projects you’ll find on this site so that you don’t have to go on a quest for the basic information you need to inform your children about food sourcing, nutrition, and growing their own food. Dirt … water … plastic buckets … a little power drill use … water … more dirt … seeds … what about any of this isn’t appealing to most kids? Heck, it’s appealing to most adults!

While our content for K-12 teachers and homeschoolers is tied to the Common Core and, very often, STEM, our content for more casual family gardening is not so procedurally rigid, though it’s based on the same science as our K-12 content. For informal family gardening, we provide the how-to’s and DIY tips you need to create your own unique self-watering bucket container gardening experience with your kids as well as fun projects that you and your kids can do together that focus on food sourcing, gardening, and nutrition.