Service & Community Groups

Service and community organizations serve a unique purpose in society. Mostly manned by volunteers, organizations such as Girl Scouts, Kiwanis, and Boys and Girls Clubs all address a variety of needs that impact children and the community at large. These programs generally promote character development, the importance of effort, and the goal-oriented pursuit of outcomes that benefit children individually and society as a whole.

Community gardening initiatives also serve the purpose of bringing volunteers together to create something that benefits their local communities. Collaborative gardening initiatives seek to create distributed farming across multiple households or sites wherein each participant grows large quantities of the same fruits and vegetables to trade with other participants who each grow different fruits and vegetables in large quantities, effectively creating a food bartering network among gardeners. This can serve as a real-life teaching example of early human societies in which local economies were driven by the bartering of food for other foods, services, and tangible items.

While no two community or service organizations are exactly alike, because they share the common goal of the betterment of society, we are sort of lumping them together here to provide content that can benefit each. If you do not see content specific to your organization and/or would like to suggest new content according to your program requirements, please use our Contact Us form to describe your ideas and suggestions and we will respond to you as promptly as possible.


Scouting programs provide the benefit of structured instructional goals tied to the achievement of specific task requirements, the completion of which are reflected by badges, pins, or other indications of content and concept mastery. This makes creating PBL activities a little easier in some regards. While we have provided some examples here of how our container gardening concepts can be used to promote Scouting program goals, leaders and scouts are encouraged to contact us with additional achievement requirement-oriented projects that utilize our Learn & Grow container gardening strategies and approaches.

Community Service Clubs & Organizations

Community service clubs and organizations have been an important part of programs that benefit children from around the world for almost 100 years. These clubs and organizations provide outreach and hands-on help to their local communities through a wide variety of community service projects. Contact us for more information about how Learn & Grow can support your community service goals through self-watering container gardening.