The Learn & Grow Educational SeriesSM

The Learn & Grow Educational Series was originally created in 2013 around food security education, beginning with teaching people how to grow their own fruits and vegetables pretty much anywhere using self-watering containers made from recycled and/or inexpensive materials.

Over time, our garden grew larger as we moved it six times over the next six years, proving the power of portable food production.

Our social media-based curriculum has expanded to include backyard chicken care. Free lesson plans centered on backyard laying hen care are being added to our library of lesson plans on a continuing basis.

Soon, the Learn & Grow curriculum will expand to multiple aspects of sustainable living, from building affordable homes from sustainable materials to solar and wind power to rainwater capturing and greywater recapturing to dairy goats and other livestock care. Our long-term goal is to operate Sustainability Learning Centers around the world teaching food security and sustainable living methods.

Our goal is to provide instruction to learners around the world, whether online or in person, on how to adapt their lifestyles to more affordable and ecologically responsible ways of living without giving up their comfort or safety. We want learners from all walks of life to have equal access to learning so they can lift themselves up and pursue their potentials as unique individuals, and find their contributions that they can make to the world. The confidence required to take on large challenges begins with having one’s basic survival needs met, including access to clean water, safe and hygienic shelter, fresh nutrient-rich foods, and access to the tools and resources necessary to live comfortably with a reduced carbon footprint.

Please bear with us as this website and related social media go through changes to adapt to the progress we are making with expanding our curriculum. New lesson plans will be available for download in the near future. More social media-based instructional content will be created. We will soon be offering private classes in our test garden. Much is in the works and we look forward to seeing all our current and future learners online and in person at our upcoming events.