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KPS4Parents’ Learn & Grow Educational Series is perfectly suited for application towards many Merit Badges that Scouts can earn.

Please note, however, that all our content pertaining to the application of our Learn & Grow Educational Series to the achievement of Boy Scout Merit Badges has been created solely by KPS4Parents as suggestions for Scouts and their leaders and is in no way endorsed by or a product of Boy Scouts of America.

Scouts are strongly advised to consult with their Merit Badge Counselors regarding the applicability and appropriateness of our content before embarking upon any of the activities we suggest.

As with all of the Project-Based Learning (PBL) activities described on this site, our recommendations regarding each of the badges that share relevance with our Learn & Grow Educational Series center on the construction of self-watering bucket containers and growing non-GMO, organic produce in them.

For instructions on how to build a self-watering bucket container, click here.

Boy Scouts Merit Badges Relevant to Learn & Grow’s Instructional Goals

Simplify the DIY with GroBucket!Make self-watering containers in minutes for about the same cost as a total DIY project & way less work

Our how-to instructions utilize recycled and/or inexpensive materials to make a self-watering container using recycled and/or inexpensive materials is easy and inexpensive. But, when an affordable alternative that saves time and improves on performance comes along, we have to stop and take notice!

We've discovered an affordable, easy alternative: GroBucket! We started talking with the lovely folks at GroTech, makers of GroBucket, on Instagram when they discovered our self-watering container gardening-based food security curriculum and commented on what we were doing. Fast-forward to now and we've found an affordable alternative that cuts the DIY time down to just a few minutes. Really. Just a few minutes and you've got a self-watering container with added user features that make self-watering container gardening even easier than it already is, including a universally designed water level indicator to monitor when it's time to refill the container's reservoir.

The GroBucket kits come in 3-packs for $39.99 and 10-packs for $109.99. That's $13.33 and $10.99 apiece, respectively, depending on the size of the pack you get. Even if you have to pay $5 for a single bucket plus $13.33 for one of three GroBuckets in a 3-pack, that's just over $18 to make in 5 minutes or less what could have otherwise taken another 5 or 10 minutes and made a big mess with plastic cuttings and drilled out bits everywhere that then have to be cleaned up. If you're making a bigger garden than that and purchase the 10-pack, plus you get your buckets for free, you've got the whole system in minutes at $10.99 per container.

If you follow our affiliate links for the GroBucket kits, a portion of all proceeds will be used to fund our continued provision and development of sustainability and food security education to all. #TeachEverywhereGrowAnywhere #FoodSecurityIsFreedom #LearnAndGrowEdSeries




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