Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

Click here for the official guidelines from the Boy Scouts of America for the Entrepreneurship Merit Badge.

The suggestions we can make regarding the Entrepreneurship Merit Badge are similar to those we’ve already made for the American Business Merit Badge. If you are looking for someone to interview who has started a business, consider someone who has started an organic farm or nursery or someone who has started an environmentally friendly landscaping company, composting business, worm farm, or other similar type of business.

Where this badge requires you to think of as many businesses as you can, we encourage you to focus on all the different types of businesses that could be created around non-GMO, organic container gardens such as those used in the projects on this site. To help you formulate your business plan, click here to download a boilerplate in Rich Text Format (RTF) that you can use in any common word processing program, such as Microsoft Word® or Apache OpenOffice™.

If you are doing the American Business Merit Badge, as well, the business plan you write for this badge could support the business you must run for at least three months as required by the American Business Merit Badge. See also the Communication Merit Badge.

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