Weather Merit Badge

Click here for the official guidelines from the Boy Scouts of America for the Weather Merit Badge.

Weather is, of course, relevant to growing your own non-GMO fruits and vegetables in an organic self-watering bucket container garden. Even if you put your garden indoors under grow lights, weather probably played an important role in your decision to do so. In climates with harsh winters, indoor basement gardening using self-watering bucket containers can be a creative way to give yourself a year-round growing season.

This badge requires you discuss the impact weather has on farmers. If you have a self-watering bucket container garden, you can speak to many of these same concerns from personal experience.

Understanding the water cycle is important to understanding how the self-watering bucket containers actually work and how they create a self-perpetuating cycle of water usage by the plants in the containers. See also the Soil and Water Conservation Merit Badge.

An option for this badge is to read an article about acid rain. Consider researching articles about the effects of acid rain on plants in nature and agriculture.

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