K-12 Lesson Plans – Laying Hen Care – Free PDF Downloads Tied to the Common Core & STEM

Click on the links below to find lesson plans tied to the Common Core and STEM, all centered around raising laying hens for their eggs.  Each lesson plan is organized by grade level, but is also geared towards learners of specific developmental levels according to Piagetian scales to aid in adapting the curriculum to learners with developmental delays.

Laying Hen Care Lesson Plans:

  • Kindergarten: Pre-Operational/Concrete – Learners at the pre-operational stage of development with emerging concrete operations are suited for this activity.
  • First Grade – coming soon!
  • Second Grade – coming soon!
  • Third Grade – coming soon!
  • Fourth Grade – coming soon!
  • Fifth Grade – coming soon!
  • Sixth Grade – coming soon!
  • Seventh Grade – coming soon!
  • Eighth Grade – coming soon!
  • Ninth through Twelfth Grade – coming soon!

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