K-12 Teachers

Creating appropriate instructional content around Common Core and/or state standards, particularly involving STEM, presents challenges, but it also imposes a certain amount of structure, which helps make curriculum development a little more manageable. What’s great is how constructive these resources are in helping educators focus their instruction with specific learning goals in mind for their students.

We have a couple of resources to support your teaching (and we’re looking forward to your feedback to help us grow and improve our collection of resources):

    • PBL Activities & Lesson Plans – This is our repository of project-based learning (PBL) activities and lesson plans that you can use to instruct your students towards the Common Core and, in many cases, STEM
    • Guest Submissions – Create your own PBL lesson plans based on our self-watering bucket container gardening concept and peer-reviewed literature as well as tied to your state’s standards (Common Core or otherwise) for use by other teachers and submit it to us for consideration; chosen works will be published on this site at the editorial discretion of KPS4Parents’ child development and learning specialists