From Bucket to Table: The Life Story of a Squash

At first, there’s the female flower with a little green bulb behind it. Pollen from the male flowers, which are on straight stems, fertilize the female flower, causing the little green bulb to develop into a squash fruit
Once the flower has been fertilized, it dries up and the little green bulb grows into a new, developing squash fruit.

fattening fruit
Over a few days, with adequate water, sun, soil nutrients, and protection from pests, the squash fruit gets fatter and longer.

ready to pick
In just a few more days, the squash fruit is ready to pick.

with other veggies
Squash is delicious when combined with other fresh garden vegetables. All the veggies pictured here were freshly picked from our Learn & Grow test garden.

next on the chopping block
The picked squash fruit is waiting its turn to be chopped up for the skillet.

all chopped
All the squash is now chopped.

chopped with other veg in skillet
All the chopped veggies and squash are in the skillet, waiting to be cooked.

cooking on stove with veg and chicken
The squash and other garden veggies are cooking in the skillet with chicken.

plated with rice
Sauteed squash and veggies from our Learn & Grow test garden with chicken, served also with wild rice.

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