A Quick Introduction

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KPS4Parents is thrilled to provide its Learn & Grow Educational SeriesSM to parents, kids of all ages, educators, and involved community members to help bring food education into children’s lives and promote self-grown and cooperatively grown fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables.

Our content is informed through our own trials in gardening, but also by the peer-reviewed research and credible news reports that have been published regarding:

  • Child nutrition and learning
  • School nutrition programs and student health
  • Best practices in learning and instruction
  • Tying gardening activities to the Common Core and STEM
  • Agricultural science
  • Food science
  • Food-related public policy
  • Gardening for nutrition
  • Organic gardening
  • Community service
  • … and pretty much anything else that pertains to learning and instruction, understanding where food comes from, why understanding nutrition is important, how to choose healthy foods, how to grow one’s own food using self-watering containers that can be used in a variety of spaces, and what is going on in the world regarding food.

This online magazine has been created to bring you articles about the topics described above that are based on credible science, evidence-based practices, and competent reporting. It is the serious backbone of our otherwise fun and engaging project-based learning (PBL) learning activities, curricula, home gardening projects, community service projects, and and cooperative gardening projects.

Come back again soon, subscribe to email notifications (located below the comments box on any article), or follow our social media to keep up with our latests reports. We look forward to helping you and your learners, fellow volunteers, or other gardening partners bring the healthiest tastes to your spaces!

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