Food for Thought – Episode 7: Contending with Crises

This episode of Food for Thought was recorded a few days after the attempted insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, and comes on the tail of four of the hardest years Americans have ever faced, which has an impact on the entire world.

In this episode, Learn & Grow Educational Series creator, Anne M. Zachry, talks about the potential economic future for commercialized agriculture in the U.S., food security, and home gardening. This video was originally posted January 11, 2021 on IGTV at…

Music credit: Little Adventures by Sokolovsky Music Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 Interantional (CC BY 4.0)…

The Ring of Fire post, “Trump Spent Billions To Bribe American Farmers To Vote For Him” – Farron Balanced:… @farronbalanced

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