Incubator Warehouse Insta Brooder™ Enclosed Brooder Pen for Hatchlings Price: $51.99 (as of 26/11/2023 00:33 PST- Details)



The New Incubator Warehouse Exclusive Insta Brooder Enclosed Pen for Hatchlings is here and answers all your needs for a durable bird brooder! Fully enclosable with a removable mesh top ensures as your birds grow you can keep the top closed to ensure they do not escape and stay safe in their pen. The mesh roof ensures you never lose sight of them and can see everything happening in the brooder pen. A Velcro section in one bottom corner allows power cords to run out of the pen and keeps your birds from getting out. Comes with 2 disposable liners made to fit inside the unit and is textured to provide firm footing for your newly hatched chicks. These disposable drop pan paper board liners catch all your bird dropping and allow you to remove when the floor gets too dirty and covered in droppings. Made from a durable vinyl material the brooder pen can be washed off in the yard to remove any remaining dropping residue after your birds have been moved to their coop/cage. Please allow proper amount of time for the pen to dry before packing up to avoid mildew and mold growth and damage to your brooder pen. Once dry simply collapse and fold up and slide into its storage bag until your next hatch.

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