Food for Thought – Episode 5: Comparison of Total D.I.Y. vs. GroBucket

In this episode of Food for Thought, Anne Zachry, creator of the Learn & Grow Educational Series and her colleague and Learn & Grow volunteer, Isabel Arreola, compare a total DIY version of a self-watering container to a self-watering container made with a GroBucket by GroTech (

Those of you who have been following us for a while should remember Isabel from our original Spanish language how-to video that we made a few years ago, mostly in response to the Venezuelan food crisis, about the total DIY method of building out a self-watering container, which has since been viewed on Facebook about 166K times at the time of this current post ( We recently reposted it to Instagram ( It lives on our YouTube channel as well (

While anyone interested in self-watering container gardening will find this video interesting, this is also good information for gardeners with Vision-Related Disabilities (VRDs) who may find the GroBucket approach more user-friendly. Isabel has a VRD and teaches others with VRDs how to access school, community, and employment, as well as live independently, in Sacramento, CA.

If you are interested in building your own GroBucket containers, you can order them at the following fundraiser affiliate links:

A portion of all proceeds (approximately 3% of the sale price) goes back to the Learn & Grow Educational Series to help cover the costs of our food security and sustainability curriculum, instructional programs, and online information.

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