200 Pcs Peat Pellet- 30mm Plant Starter Compressed Nutrient Fertilizer Fiber Soil Block Plant Starting Plugs Peat…

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– 200 × peat pellets
– 200 × blank labels

– 30mm

– step 1: Put some peat pellets into the container.
– step 2: Pour water into the container or sprinkle water on top of the peat pellets to expand them.
– step 3: After waiting for no water in the soil, place the plants or vegetable shoots in the peat pellets.

Composed organic soil made of natural coconut fiber and peat is an ideal fertilizer for growing shoots.
The loose soil provides a good environment for the humidity and air permeability needed for plant growth.
The non-woven fabric that wraps the nutrient block of fertilizer is spread over the air-permeable grid, which is also conducive to the penetration of shoot roots.
After the shoots grow out, they can be transplanted into the soil without separating the non-woven fabric.

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